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Guardianships and Conservatorships In Oregon

…are established through court proceedings. Whether it is for minor children or aging parents, establishing a guardianship over a person to make decisions over their life’s activities or establishing a conservatorship over them to control their assets, is sometimes a very difficult proceeding for the family and the person the proceeding is seeking to protect.  Especially in the case of elderly parents, losing control of their assets and life decisions is an extremely difficult choice to make. While guardianships and conservatorships can be separate proceedings, it is common for a person to need both a guardian and a conservator at the same time.

The following are the persons involved in a guardianship or conservatorship proceeding:

  • Guardian – The person appointed by the Court to make personal and health-care decisions for a minor or incapacitated person.
  • Conservator  – The person appointed by the Court to manage the finances of a person who is unable to do so for reasons such as minority, mental illness or physical disability.
  • Fiduciary – A person appointed by the Court to act as a guardian, conservator, trustee, temporary guardian, temporary conservator or a combination or limitation of each.
  • Respondent – A person for whom a Guardianship and/or Conservatorship is proposed.
  • Protected Person – The person for whom a Guardian and/or Conservator has been appointed.
  • Court Visitor – A neutral, trained individual who is assigned by the Court to interview the people involved in the Guardianship proceeding and report back to the Court.