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Estate Planning

Tony De Alicante is a Bend Oregon Estate Planning Attorney

Our primary practice area is Estate Planning.  We offer individualized and complex estate planning services to thoughtfully plan the management, use and transfer of your estate for you and your loved ones through the use of wills, trusts, powers of attorney, medical and advance directives, and HIPAA waivers.  We will help you plan for the future in ways that will allow you to legally minimize your tax liability, whether that means taking advantage of lifetime giving plans, specialized trusts for high net worth or disabled individuals, participating in charitable gifting or several other lawful methods allowed by the Internal Revenue Code.  To learn more about Estate Planning please click here.


De Alicante Law Group represents clients in the filing and administration of probate proceedings. While there are good alternatives to probate if a person does proper planning prior to their death, when the family finds themselves in a position of needing a probate attorney, De Alicante Law Group compassionately leads clients through that legal process to bring closure to their loved-one’s estate.  For more info on Probate, click here.

Tax Planning

De Alicante Law Group has experience and expertise in assisting individuals and families with tax planning. Tax planning, including lifetime giving to loved ones and charities, can be set up as part of your estate planning, beginning during your lifetime or coming into existence at the time of your death. With the increase in life expectancy, more people are able to make gifts during their lifetime and enjoy seeing those gifts put to use now instead of just passing on assets after their death. With more significant assets, there are several other tools, including irrevocable trusts that can be utilized to minimize the impact of taxes on an estate. With frequent changes in the law, and significant differences in the law and tax structures of the State of Oregon and the Federal Government, tax planning needs to be done on a customized basis with each client in order to best meet the client’s needs and goals for their estate, as well as take advantage of State and Federal laws for allow clients to pay the least tax allowable that will still stay within their lifetime and estate planning goals.

Elder Law

De Alicante Law Group is a Bend Oregon Elder Law Attorney . Elder Law serves the important legal needs of our elderly clients and their families through our practice in guardianships, conservatorships, Medicaid planning (often requiring irrevocable fund transfers in order to qualify a person for government payments for adult residential living), and defending our elders against physical and financial abuse.>

To learn more about Elder Law click here.

Business Planning Legal Advice

Whether you are starting a new business, buying an existing business, or selling your business, you need solid, reputable advice on how best to meet your goals and protect you and your assets. We will customize a business structure that offers the best liability protection, the most freedom to operate without difficult administrative requirements, and with the best tax advantages possible. We will help you plan and represent your needs during your business formation, whether the best fit for you is an LLC, Partnership, S-Corporation, C-Corporation or Non-Profit Corporation. When you are buying or selling a business, we represent you during your purchase or sale transaction to meet your goals with the business transfer, ensure liability protection and tax planning (so you can legally pay less tax, not more), and provide continued throughout your business lifecycle.


Changes to the Law

When the law changes (as it often does), De Alicante Law Group puts its clients at the top of its list to keep them informed about the changes in the law that may affect their issues.

Understanding Your Legal Services

De Alicante Law Group will assure you understand the services you have received, whatever the issue, whether or not you have documents to as a part of their legal services. We will ensure you fully understand the issues, considerations, and legal ramifications.
Whatever your needs, we will help you understand your options, counsel you on the pros and cons, and guide you through the legal process and documents to support you in making informed decisions.

  • "It takes upfront effort to prepare a living trust and to work your way through the advance directives. Time and emotion. But, when my husband had a stroke, I was thankful to have all the details formalized. I could concentrate on his needs, not legal and financial paperwork."
  • "When my husband became incapacitated, I knew how he wanted me to take care of him and when he died, I could concentrate on my grief work and not on paperwork. The trust remains a blessing."
  • "Tony put together our living trust and advance directives. When my husband died suddenly, there were no awkward conversations with the step-children, no ownership transfers to process, no financial issues. I’m forever thankful for that."

De Alicante Law Group realizes that clients can’t always make it in to an attorney’s office to have their estate planning or other transactions done, whether because of a disability, illness or other limiting factor.

When clients are unable to come to our offices, we will come to you.

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